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Online Therapy Training for Mental Health Professionals Cohort II

Feedback from PANDEMIC Online Course | June 2020

Quantitative Data

The training course is fulfilling the objectives set out in the course description:
80.77% of the participants strongly agreed that the training was fulfilling the objectives set out in the course description and 19.23% agree.

The training is satisfying my needs and expectations:
64% strongly agreed that the training was satisfying their needs and expectation, 36% agreed with the statement.

The facilitator kept me interested and engaged:
84.62% strongly agreed that the facilitator keeps me in engaged and interested, and 15.38% agree.

The content is presented at a level which could easily be understood:
96.15% strongly agreed that the material was presented at a level which could easily be understood, 3.85% agreed.

I would recommend this training to colleagues or mental health professionals:
96.15% strongly agree that they would recommend this training to colleagues or mental health professionals, 3.85% agreed.

Qualitative Feedback

An incredible and robust training experience – embedded within an extremely well researched framework – providing current real-time data and surveys, opportunity for interactive groups and discussion on interesting case studies. I was blown away by the breath and scope of this training which delivered therapeutic resources and skills in a compassionate, generous, learned and humble manner. It was my first time to participate on one of Gerry Cunningham’s training programmes and I feel most grateful for the experience and learning it offered.

Gerry you are an extraordinarily gifted facilitator and you are providing a real collaborative and dynamic learning experience, with a depth to draw what is emerging in the now, and responsive to what is emerging rather than rigidly following a set format or programme for each session. And yet, it is clear that you have thoroughly prepared and have an in-depth knowledge and ongoing interest in new developments in the field. As a participant, I feel very lucky to benefit from all of that. Thank you for the generosity with which you share resources.

Gerry is an excellent presenter. He is very well informed and has research to back up everything he says. He is grounded, sincere, respectful and it is a pleasure to the course with him.

A highly recommended online training course. Gerry distils the work of many eminent leaders in the psychotherapy and research fields with therapeutic relationship at its core, while also offering an important balm for the therapist in these turbulent times.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course on several levels. The presenter is so generous of spirit and giving of his knowledge and expertise, and so up to date. Willing to explore what emerges as we weave our way through the course. I feel blessed to have been able to join such a group of respectful and interesting people.

Gerry, your understand of the process of psychotherapy, your expansive knowledge of theory and the integration of same into your model and the generous sharing of this on this course has been inspiring and received with huge gratitude. Thank you, your hard is evident. You simplified what is very complex in the resources, tools and methods of delivery you used, keeping my attention and interest and eager for more. I have already recommended your course to others.

A great mix of methodologies used. I really value the links made between research theory and practice. Grateful for the resources shared and their relevance to client work.

Each session offers a variety of practical and helpful methods and approaches interspersed with inspiring and thought provoking insights that nurture both practitioners and clients. Lovely way of connecting with other professionals at a time when connection is so needed. Sessions are skilfully and respectfully facilitated and flow seamlessly to cover vast range of issues and approaches. Very generous sharing of wisdom, expertise and fantastic resources. I learn so much from each session, the case studies and group work, so interesting to see other people’s approaches, seeing the models in action, and the sparking of ideas – it’s a lovely way to conclude the day and I am very fortunate to be taking part.

As always Gerry’s classes are informative and interactive. His presentations are aesthetically pleasing as they are simple and beautiful. His deep knowledge and experience of the subject matter shows in his gentle presence during the classes. The classes are both intellectually stimulating and mindfully heart-warming. He evidently walks the walk of this work. Overall it has been an extremely valuable experience at this time of great change and uncertainty. This will be of great value to myself, friends, family and my clients. Thank you.

Certificate in Mindfulness, CBT and Wellbeing
Adolescent Skills Training and Classroom Applications

mindfulness clinic course feedback

Feedback from Guidance Counsellors, Mental Health Professionals 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. In my 24 years of being a Guidance Counsellor and attending courses and workshops, I found this course to be of the most value, interest and relevance. I learned so much that I will use in my practice. It has made me feel more confident in my work but more importantly, has helped me make changes in my own life. For this I am very grateful

It was an absolutely excellent, a worthwhile course. I have used lots of the ideas, resources, techniques in individual meetings and classroom teaching. I would love to do more workshops and courses in the future. Personally beneficial, thank you for a wonderful course.

I loved the whole course. I liked your teaching approach, reflective, researched, challenging, resourceful. I enjoyed the balance of the days, reflection, practicing and theory. Praxis approach, it was never work. I feel renewed and resourced after the course, challenged in my teaching and counselling practice. It has helped me to join the dots in my experience of learning, bringing a more reflective purpose into practice.

Thank you for a hugely enjoyable, inspiring and informative course. The last 8 months here has given me so much material, techniques and insights which I will utilise in my professional and personal life. Your method of presentation and facilitation proves that mindfulness works.

Thank you so much for an incredible eight sessions. This has been the best course that I have ever attended. I have benefitted so much personally from attending the course, and I know that it is going to be a fantastic resource for my work for many years to come. I loved the atmosphere of the classes. The pace of the lessons was exactly right. I loved the video clips, the practical exercises and the practical nature of the course. You are a wonderful teacher and facilitator. Thank you for your wealth of knowledge and experience.

found that the course helped me personally by helping me to be more mindful in my daily life and to understand mindfulness. It also gave me greater confidence of the importance of building a better relationship with client. The range of resources is impressive which will be very beneficial in my daily work. I was very impressed by the way you delivered the programme – calm, organised, professional.

Excellent facilitation, an embodiment of mindfulness teaching. The facilitator made a real connection with the group. Consequently, the learning experience, both theoretically and experientially was rich.

Very informative, highly enjoyable and engaging. I particularly found the CBT components helpful. I need to spend time going over the wealth of information I gained from this course. Thanks, a great experience.

Highlights for me on the course was the wealth of practices that were shared, but an underlying guiding principle is the quality of the relationship between the counsellor and the client. Best course I have ever taken. Thank you.

The materials and resources are fantastic tools for working both in one-to-one and in groups. The video clips and breathing exercises are very useful. I enjoyed every single session, getting to know colleagues as I am a new Guidance Counsellor. For my own self-development, I have grown and learned so much about myself.

Absolutely incredible course. Invaluable knowledge and skills acquired which have been implemented and will continue to be implemented. Has ignited my desire to continue my mindfulness and CBT journey. One of the best courses I have ever undertaken. Thank you.

Thank you so much for all your hard work. It has been an invaluable experience for me – not only has it benefitted me in the classroom, it has also helped me personally.

A fantastic course which has enhanced my ability to work in the classroom, my school and with young people. The resources that we have received are second to none and I cannot thank you enough. You have inspired me in each session with your knowledge and expertise. Keep up the hard work.

This course has been a wonderful experience. Comprehensive theory and practice and relevant for use with adolescents. I have gained a deep understanding and integration of mindfulness. Very well organised and a safe group.

Excellent course, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Wonderfully practical and student friendly. Inspiring, energising and thought provoking. Looking forward to doing more of your courses in the future.

It was an excellent course. Very enjoyable with lots of resources to use in school. The facilitator was always engaging, so knowledgeable and very inspiring. I would highly recommend this course.

Certificate in Mindfulness, CBT and Wellbeing
Adolescent Skills Training and Classroom Applications

Feedback from Guidance Counsellors, Mental Health Professionals 2018

Extremely positive experience, great handouts, loved the experiential aspect of teaching. The creative components of this course were the most powerful. Highly practical and already implementing in one-to-one sessions and in the classroom.

What a wonderful experience. Theory, sharing, learning, experiential. True learning, invaluable insights into the how, why, when, who and where of interventions. A superb journey of reflection on prior learning linking theories with practices which will enrich my personal and practical life. Many, many thanks for your kindness, understanding, care, interest and gentleness. How privileged to have learned from a master.

Wonderful, engaging and transformative. I highly recommend this training to colleagues. I have hugely benefitted from your calm presence and experience. The experiential aspect of the course was incredible, a deeply self-caring and educational experience.

I loved the pace and mixture of teaching, video, experiential learning. Lovely atmosphere in the group. Your presence facilitated this. I learned so much. CBT as you present it is so engaging compared to some of the other workshops I have attended. Thank you.

I found this course to be extremely useful, practical and relevant both personally through awareness and self-care and professionally with my students and clients. Really enjoyed the facilitators presentations, pacing, very informative with a wise variety of handouts.

Very beneficial course. Reminder of CBT principles and the use of mindfulness which is so beneficial to the young people I work with in schools and in private practice. Relevant course material and plenty of experiential work. I am already utilising the material in the workplace and I am receiving positive feedback from young people. Great course, will recommend to colleagues.

I found the experience to be really cutting edge. I loved the experiential nature of the course. The facilitator has a fabulous mind and has a bottomless pit of information. My experience was this training was high quality which for me gives it integrity and thanks to the trainer.

I had a wonderful experience throughout this course. I gained so much experience that I can take into my practice, very hands-on. The reflective and mindfulness practices is very beneficial for the therapist to experience, so they can integrate this into daily life and into professional practice. I will recommend this course to all that are interested. Once again, thank you for putting yourself right into the experience.

Training format was excellent. Great balance between theory and experiential. Exceptionally well delivered. Learned so much on this journey. A journey of personal development as well as all the learning for helping others. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this… I feel so privileged.

Hugely beneficial both professionally and personally. I am using the exercises for myself. The practices are simple, accessible, practical and enhances my work. I love the handouts, notes and flashcards. I am becoming more creative in my work as a therapist. It has been so worth every penny, probably the most beneficial learning that I have received from any training. The facilitator shared endlessly his experience, expertise and knowledge. A rare quality in an educator. Thank you.

My experience of the training has been very enjoyable. Every day, a new topic and lots of practice. I loved the psychological aspects of the training, it adds substance and understanding as how the mind works. I loved the videos, practical elements, painting, creativity and play. Overall very engaging, enjoyable and I use it as part of my life as a parent, as a teacher and as a counsellor. Thanks.

Where do I begin. I have learned so much. I enjoyed every second of this course. I learned so much and I am working with my students and passing on this invaluable learning. This is only the beginning for me, and I would like to continue to learn more. The facilitator has given so much and so generously. This course has given me so much, professionally and personally and I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to surf the waves. I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you so much.

The information supplied has been superb and the online exercises and reading reference were extremely useful. Delivery and mindful practice of each session put me at ease and prepared the group for deep listening and engaged learning.

Really enjoyed this course, very nourishing with lots of practical tools for working with adolescents and adult clients. Loved the flash cards. Going away with lots of additional tools. Superb delivery.

From September to now has been a beautiful journey. The learning was so enlightening and practical. Most of all, I was in such a safe place, a spiritual place. Gentle, knowledgeable. The facilitator is unique. I am sad that it has come to an end.

Thank you for an absolutely wonderful course. It was truly informative, professionally delivered and inspirational. Thank you for the huge amount of resources and for the evidence-based research. Thank you for the simplicity and authenticity of the beautiful practices and mediations. Thank you for the practical tips for dealing with teenagers. Thank you for your embodiment of what you teach. Thank you for a fantastic course.

Thank you for a beautiful, safe and respectful space. The course has been very inspiring, and the professionalism of the facilitator is mindfulness at its best. The course has encouraged me to be mindful and creative in my work.

What a wonderful experience. The best course I have ever attended. I am truly grateful for all I have learnt. Thank you for being an amazing teacher.

Very well prepared, generously resourced. Containment very strong, good balance of thinking and experiential work. I particularly enjoyed and valued the sense of soul, spiritualty that permeates throughout the course.

MIND – contemplative neuroscience training Limerick, 2019

mindfulness clinic course feedback

I have enjoyed the course immensely and have received so much. The facilitator has a beautiful, gentle manner and way of linking the theory to real life and practice.

Thank you for your gentle and compassionate holding of the group. Your humour, knowledge and integrity shone through and you were able to pace and guide the group in such a sensitive way. I have learnt so much and it has been the best professional and personal self-care I have engaged in for a long time. I really look forward to sharing more of this meaningful journey with you in the future.

This course has been a truly spiritual journey for me. This is due to how you have brought your presence into each day of the course ensuring that the learning has been experiential. I am integrating all that you have covered in this course. The wealth of material you have provided is incredible. I have never received so many resources, thank you. You have really mirrored what healthy mindfulness practice is – thus helping me to learn through this as well. I have really enjoyed the course and thank you for creating a safe environment.

I experienced this six-day course as the most nourishing gift I have given myself for some time. It was food for my soul. Time didn’t exist when I was here, responsibilities and duties all fell away, I just was. The course was wonderfully informative and beautifully experiential. Having completed our last practice today, I’m glowing with warmth and love. I look forward to going through our handouts over the coming weeks and months and feeling some of the “magic” I’m taking with me today. Thank you so much.

Thank you for meeting “the contemplative space” with such authenticity and humanity. This is so empowering for all of us as we journey at this level. Your integrity is supreme, your holding is solid, your understanding is welcoming.

Thank you for a wonderful training. It was very informative. I enjoyed the neuroscience aspect and have gone back over my notes and handouts several times. As always, the mindfulness, contemplative content is nurturing, renewing, restorative, and brings clarity and awareness to self and others. As a trainer, you offer respect to everyone in the group and you are immensely generous in sharing your knowledge, experience, vulnerability and wisdom. I have grown so much as a therapist and as a person.

I have received so much form your course, it is hard to put it into words. I have learned so much and believe it will enhance my work with clients, but perhaps more importantly will help me to develop a more compassionate, loving relationship with myself. I have looked forward to our monthly sessions as I feel they have provided me with a really nurturing space in which to connect with people, develop and learn. I loved the discussions, the practices, the amazing video clips. As I write, I realised I enjoyed every single aspect of the training. I was particularly struck with your generosity that was evident at so many levels. Your kindness with the way you imparted your knowledge. Thank you.

I cannot begin to say how this course has imposed on my sense of self-worth and of my happiness in the world. Boy, was I ready for this! I have a notion that the timing was spot on. You have a gentle presence that is so mindful, and so full of permission. I loved the different themes each month, especially the adolescent brain. I learned so much about how the brain and consciousness works. I really enjoyed the humour you use, and I think the group was the exact right group at the right time. Thank you with a grateful heart.

This course/experience was informative and, more importantly inspirational, affirming and gentle. I feel it is important working as a counsellor to experience acceptance by you and a lovely group of people. Our six Fridays were better than any retreat I’ve done in the past. I learned to be more present to myself in my goodness and humanity and will hopefully transfer that presence to my clients. I feel a warmth and energy. Thank you.

Thank you for all the wonderful teaching you have given to me on this course. I have learnt so much in how you delivered the teaching and through the group. I don’t have the words to describe how much I enjoyed the course, it was such a safe environment to be seen, to be listened too. I’m looking forward to attending many more courses with you. Thank you again for all the wisdom that you have shared with us and that we can practically use with our clients. Thank you.

I found the course hugely beneficial in both its content and timing. I like the way the course was structured with the monthly meetings. It allowed time for assimilation, reflection and integration. I enjoyed the group dynamic and learned a lot form the contributions of others. I haven’t been on one of your courses before, but I loved your easy-going style, wonderful humour which helped keep me engaged. There was a solid variety of content with the mix of information, discussions and videos which made for a very interactive contributions from all present.

I would encourage therapists and mental health professionals to avail of this training. I feel it is going to take some time to absorb and take in all that I have experienced on this course. I feel every level has been included. The sense of generosity of the course has been quite remarkable. Cards, notes, videos, poetry book, books – a complete treasure chest. I leave with a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity to attend this course.

This course as well thought out and balanced and of real benefit to me as a psychotherapist and as a person. The pace was easy, and I felt I learnt a lot through the experiential elements of the course, as well as from the teaching and research-based findings presented. I feel re-energised and back to myself, grounded and fit for life and the work, my family and friends. It was a very worthwhile experience.

Mindfulness and Third Wave Interventions Sligo 2018 (ACT, DBT, Schema Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Self-Compassion)

I have deliberately waited for a month before giving feedback. Straight away, after the course ended, I felt and knew that you have done a brilliant job. But I wanted to wait and see if this feeling would change with the passage of time. I am still of my original view and cannot think of any way in which you could improve this course. I loved your preparation, materials, handouts, exercises, videos, and the venue. But most of all was/is your presence. Your natural kindness and ease make an atmosphere where learning is easy. Thank you.

I very much enjoyed the course. I used each day as a growth, personal therapy day. The facilitator’s way of being really inspires me and his presence enhanced my own presence in my client work….indeed at home and in life generally. I came home each day feeling calm and mindful, also loving and appreciating myself a little more (no mean feat for me). The facilitator is so generous with himself and his material… the cards were a lovely idea. Thank you.

The pacing was just right. It was soulful and reflective, and I found it a safe space. Each session was interesting with lots of variation – meditation time, film clips, art, roleplay and the freedom to participate and give feedback. At all times your input was treated respectfully. The facilitator was always prepared with input on so many modules relating to mindfulness-based approaches. The handouts are a great source of support. I believe I have integrated the essence of this course in my being and hope this helps my clients.

The course provided valuable new learning both professional and personally. It has helped me understand the importance of compassion for self in a very simple yet profound way. The facilitator has a lovely gentle way of delivering his vast knowledge and the combination of experiential work and academic research gave the course something for everyone. I would highly recommend this course.

I found the eight-months training to be the most enriching and informative experience in all my training to date. The presentations, experiential practices all so simple, practical and effective. Your own personal qualities as a facilitator and the sacredness of the space impacted on me hugely (kindness, compassion, generosity, spirituality and presence). I am more keenly aware in the presence of clients how I am and what I am experiencing. The simple fact of “bearing witness” is enough, to listen, to understand and to accept. I use the cards you gave me in sessions. The visual can be so helpful both for me and my clients. Thank you for all the work, preparation and bringing this training to the West. It is transformative.

What a life changing course, it was hard work for me to stay in the moment but totally worth it. I would highly recommend this course. Overall it was a very enjoyable and potent course offering many opportunities for self-growth and development to integrate mindfulness into my life and counselling skills. The course material and notes were informative, constructive and helped my understanding of mindfulness. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity where I was able to practice guided meditation with this teacher. Watching him at work was a learning experience of how to be compassionate to ourselves and others.

I found the course very informative, thought-provoking and focused. It was delivered in an egoless way. I liked the creative aspect of the course (painting, mask making, using crayons, clay, puppets). The facilitator was very generous with his time, the excellent handouts, video clips, and references. I am finding it hard to have the right words to express my deep appreciation of the space and knowledge I received on this course.

Hmmm, where do I start… On a practical level, the handouts, reflective questions, flashcards, topics covered, and the materials were extremely generous. They prompted thought and learning for practicing therapy and for self-reflection. There was growth in personal and professional work, and self-realisations. The materials worked for both an outer and inner level. It seemed to me that the videos were chosen extremely carefully, designed to provoke thought and emotion. The attention given to the spiritual aspects of being human was nourishing. It took me to a place of re-affirming not visited regularly enough. Some of the “hands on” work brought deep realisations for me, that are important in knowing myself, and which will stay with me. The presentations were varied in a professional and aware way and at all times relevant, sensitive, and deeply respectful in response to all contributions and with healthy dollops of humour. It is a training that had an impact on me in a number of ways; what comes is compassion, for myself and a deepening for others. I am full of gratitude that I did it, and I am using it, personally and professionally.

Griffith College, Guidance Counsellors Workshop

mindfulness clinic testimonials reviews leaf with droplets

16 December, 2014 ( N = 31 )


Overall impression of the workshop:

Quality of the facilitator:

How relevant this training was to your role?

Best training I’ve received since qualifying 15 years ago!

Eight-week MBCT and MBSR Course, Cork

16 October – 4th December, 2014 ( N = 15 )


 Quantitative Data

Participants completed evaluations at the end of the course and indicated one of the following categories for each question: Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree or Disagree, Strongly Disagree

The facilitator knew his subject thoroughly:
100% strongly agreed

I would recommend this workshop to a friend or colleague:
100% strongly agreed

The workshop satisfied my own needs and expectations:
87% strongly agreed, 13% agreed

The training offered good value for money?
94% strongly agreed, 6% agreed

The training fulfilled the description set out in the advertisement?
100% strongly agreed

The content was presented at a level which could easily be understood?
94% strongly agreed, 6% agreed


Feedback & Comments

I was a bit sceptical about the whole thing coming into the course but I was so wrong. I have been so lucky to experience this at such a young age and have learned skills that I will take with me for life. Overall life-changing experience.

A wonderful course, really gained a thorough knowledge of how mindfulness works. A life-changing experience for me, definitely recommend this course.

Very experiential with lots of practical experiences. Retreat day was extra special.

This course will stay with me for life. I am truly grateful for the experience.

Enriching experience and wonderful meditations. The facilitator was gentle at all times and listened to everyone with such respect. He presented the course expertly and it was a pleasure to attend each week.


Eight-week Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy, essential skills for Health Professionals

Tuesdays, 29th April – 24th June, 2014


Participants completed evaluations at the end of the course and indicated one of the following categories for each question: Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree or Disagree, Strongly Disagree


 Quantitative Data

The facilitator knew his subject thoroughly:
100% strongly agreed

I would recommend this workshop to a friend or colleague:
100% strongly agreed

The workshop satisfied my own needs and expectations:
85% strongly agreed, 15% agreed


Feedback & Comments

Very beneficial. Great start at meditating and insight into mindfulness. I feel I can bring lessons learned into everyday life. The facilitator is a brilliant teacher, so knowledgeable, yet unintimidating.

Enormously helpful personally and professionally. The best workshop or training I’ve done. I really feel that the facilitator embodies mindfulness and compassion. Thank you for your thought and generosity.

I found the training very helpful in my intellectual understanding of the concept of mindfulness but even more so on a deeper knowing in practice and the benefits of it to me personally as well as in my therapeutic practice.

Very gentle and welcoming approach by the facilitator which added greatly to the experience. Good balance of meditation, visual aids and verbal talking with discussion. Very helpful information received in form of notes, and other information requested sourced very helpfully by the facilitator.

Overall the whole experience was very insightful, allowing oneself to be compassionate to the self and to be aware of my environment, relationships and how to apply and integrate the practice into everyday life.


Eight-week Mindfulness Training (MBSR and MBCT)

mindfulness clinic testimonials mindfulness training water pool with ripples

25 June, 2014


Participants completed evaluations at the end of the course and indicated one of the following categories for each question: Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree or Disagree, Strongly Disagree


 Quantitative Data

The facilitator knew his subject thoroughly:
100% strongly agreed

I would recommend this workshop to a friend or colleague:
100% strongly agreed

The workshop satisfied my own needs and expectations:
85% strongly agreed, 15% agreed


Feedback & Comments

It has greatly exceeded my expectations having done mindfulness before. I feel that anything I was doing before is now completely strengthened and improved by this experience. It was a pleasure to be a part of this course and I am accrediting the course to my contentment and improving happiness.

Thought provoking, eye opening, enhanced sense of awareness in me. Always felt very welcome. Week Seven especially helped me become aware of low mood and the peaks and valleys of stress. The importance of the practice became more obvious as the weeks went by. A little sorry that the training is over.


One day workshop Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy, Essential Skills for GPs and Health Professionals

23 November, 2013


Participants completed evaluations and indicated one of the following categories for each question: Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree or Disagree, Strongly Disagree


Quantitative Data

The facilitator knew his subject thoroughly:
95% strongly agreed, 5% agreed

I would recommend this workshop to a friend or colleague:
78% strongly agreed, 22% agreed

The workshop satisfied my own needs and expectations:
72% strongly agreed, 28% agreed


Feedback & Comments

Excellent, really beneficial and enjoyable day
Thank you, a very interesting, knowledgeable well-presented workshop
Very helpful, I would highly recommend this course for GPs for patient and self-care, thank you so much
Very helpful, excellent delivery
Very satisfied with the day, found it very helpful and intend to put it to good use
Great learning experience
Very pleasant, useful and interesting
Great learning environment to explore the concepts
Great day, many thanks, good to have a mix of GPs, therapists and psychologists and to hear different perspectives
Very good, I liked the mix of research and actual practice, thank you so much
Excellent insight, broadening my understanding of this model and therapeutic options
Very enjoyable course, thought-provoking on both a personal and professional level
Wonderful, amazing amount covered in one day
Very enjoyable and very interesting neurophysiological updates, very well informed facilitator
Interesting and enjoyable, gives me another tool to use in my practice and useful for my own mental health
Interesting, useful and well-presented


Mindfulness for Managers, UCD

21st October 2013


Quantitative Data

Did you find this course of benefit to work, personal life, both or other?
91.67% of the respondents found the course beneficial to both work and personal life and 8.33% reported finding the course beneficial to personal life.

In relation to the facilitator, how would you rate the standard of presentation/delivery of training – Excellent, good, average, poor?
100% of the respondents reported Excellent.

Would you recommend this course to a colleague? Yes, no, other comments
100% of the respondents reported Yes

UCD Mindfulness 8 week Programme

mindfulness training testimonials and reviews dublin clouds

Jul – Aug 2013

Quantitative Data

Did you enjoy the programme?
92.3% responded very much and 7.7% reported for the most part.

Were your expectations of the programme met?
94.5% reported very much and 15.4% for the most part.

Did you find the programme informative?
All of the participants responded yes they found the programme informative.

Do you think the programme is of benefit to you?
All of the participants responded yes they found the programme was of benefit.

How would you rate the interest level of the programme?
92.3% reported Excellent and 7.7% good.

How would you rate the standard of presentation/delivery of training?
84.6% responded Excellent and 15.4% responded Good.

How would you rate the content of the programme?
76.9% of the respondents reported Excellent and 23.1% Good.

How would you rate the programme overall?
92.3% responded Excellent and 7.7% Good.


Feedback & Comments

I already have recommended the mindfulness course to a number of people, both at work and outside work and will continue to do so.

I think this programme was inspirational. I really feel that bringing mindfulness into your life in both a personal and professional way will be of benefit to the individual and all who they come into contact with.

I would highly recommend this course for anyone irrespective of age or gender. It was one of the most rewarding courses I have ever attended in all my years in UCD.

Super course, it would be of great benefit to have a short follow-up in the future.


Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy – Essential Skills for Mental Health Professionals

Saturday, 20 April, 2013


Quantitative Data

Participants completed evaluations and indicated one of the following categories for each question: Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree or Disagree, Strongly Disagree

The facilitator knew his subject thoroughly:
95% strongly agreed, 5% agreed

I would recommend this workshop to a friend or colleague:
74% strongly agreed, 26% agreed.

The workshop fulfilled the objectives/description set out in the blurb:
52% strong agreed, 48% agreed.

The workshop satisfied my own needs and expectations:
62% agreed, 38% strongly agreed.

The content was presented at a level which could readily be understood:
65% strongly agreed, 35% agreed.

The workshop offered good value for money:
65% strongly agreed, 35% agreed.


Mindfulness Training for Mental Health Professionals

September 2012


Quantitative Data

The course has enhanced my knowledge and skills very considerably:
78% agreed

The likelihood that I will use the knowledge and skills I have acquired is extremely high:
83% agreed

My objectives in attending the Course were met to a very high degree:
92% agreed

My advice to colleagues considering participation in the Course is highly recommended:
100% agreed


Feedback & Comments

This course was much more than I ever expected… I would rate it as the most enriching, the most educational and the most wholly encompassing of my career in psychology and therapy to date.

This course has been a great experience. It has opened my eyes to another way of thinking. A way that is simple, loving and gentle. Mindfulness draws upon so many values, principles that we espouse in the caring profession. However, it provides an effective and powerful way of practicing self-care – it makes so much sense.

Perfect balance of the experiential and the theoretical… thank you for delivering a course on something so useful in an accessible way. I am concerned that it will drift away and would greatly appreciate follow-up course.

The course was very enriching and has brought greater awareness and stability in my life. I find it brings a quietness and stability to my client work. It has thought me to take care of myself and compassion for self. It was wonderful. Please consider the idea about reflective supervision.

The course was a gentle and calming aspect of my week. It embodied an ethos which is vitally important in therapeutic work, which is that one must experience mindfulness for self before attempting to teach it to someone else. Overall the course was very engaging, informative, highly experiential and empowering.