Mindfulness Clinic | Supervision

Supervision is essential for counsellors and psychotherapists:

  • to protect clients, and
  • to improve therapist competency by providing value and quality to their clients by getting better results.

Supervision ranks highly among activities therapists cite as influential in their professional development. In a study of 5,000 clinicians conducted over 15 years, supervision was perceived to be the second in impact to actual clinical work (Orlinsky & Rønnestad, 2005).

More engaging supervision

I provide coaching and supervision to psychotherapists and mental health professionals. My approach is informed by feedback, deliberate practice, research, and clinical excellence. I adopt a coaching, skills-based and creative space with a primary focus on the working alliance, feedback, and measuring progress in therapy. I am passionate about supporting therapists to become engaged, empowered and confident in their professional lives so they can continue to grow and love their work. I help therapists establish baseline competency to focus on goals to improve performance and effectiveness by practising skills to achieve better results in counselling and therapy.

This approach is more experiential than didactic; it supports supervisees with an environment where they can be open to their experience and fully engaged with the client by developing reflective practice skills in becoming research practitioners.

Feedback is a central feature of my approach, including client tracking and monitoring within the supervisory relationship. Lambert and Hawkins (2001) remarked that “It is surprising and even ironic that supervision is frequently conducted in the absence of systematic monitoring of patient progress”.

Supervisee Preferences

I adapt my style of supervision to the needs and preferences of the practitioner. Several supervisory approaches are utilised, including CBT, psychodynamic, process, developmental and integrative models.

I am particularly interested in complex presentations and therapist self-care, including relational, empathy, compassion fatigue, burnout and vicarious trauma.

Supervision services

I facilitate clinical supervision for trainee, pre-accredited and qualified therapists (IAHIP, ICP, IACP) and mindfulness teachers who work with adults, adolescents and children. I provide face-to-face, group and online services. The cost per one-hour consultation is €70.