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Please find a list of reading resources below. The Mindfulness Clinic has a library of all current publications on Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy which is accessible for participants on the eight-week and year-long training course. The clinic has full access to research articles, journals and search/resource databases for participants engaged in our training.

Deeper Mindfulness: The New Way to Rediscover Calm in a Chaotic World

Mark Williams, Danny Penman
In Deeper Mindfulness, Oxford Professor Mark Williams and Dr Danny Penman reu-nite to present a new eight-week guided meditation programme that takes mindful-ness to the next level. Deeper Mindfulness reveals how the latest advances in neuro-science, combined with millennia old wisdom, can be used to transform your life. These discoveries open the doors to a deeper layer of mindfulness known as the ‘feeling tone’. This sets the ‘background colour’ that tinges your entire experience of life. It is also the tipping point from which you can reclaim your life in an increasing-ly stressful and chaotic world.

Proven effective at treating anxiety, stress and depression, the practices in Deeper Mindfulness offer a new and more fruitful direction for both novice and experienced meditators. It also allows the rest of us to approach life with renewed strength, vig-our and equanimity.

The Magic Moment
Niall Breslin

The Chill Skill
Niall Breslin

Take Five
Niall Breslin