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Please find a summary of useful mindfulness and CBT resources below. The Mindfulness Clinic has a library of all current publications on Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The clinic has full access to research articles, journals and search/resource databases for participants engaged in our training.


Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World

A book and CD package. Mindfulness reveals the secrets of lifelong happiness and details a unique programme developed by Oxford University psychologist Professor Mark Williams with colleagues around the world.

“This is an inspiring programme for anyone caring about his or her own health and sanity.” (Jon Kabat-Zinn)

About the Authors

Mark Williams is Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Oxford. He co-developed MBCT and is co-author of the international best-seller The Mindful Way Through Depression.

Dr Danny Penman is a feature and comment writer for the Daily Mail. He has a PhD in biochemistry. He is also co-author of Mindfulness for Health, with Vidyamala Burch, which won first prize (Popular Medicine) at the BMA Medical Book Awards 2014 (Piatkus).

Video Resources

The Science of Mindfulness

Professor Mark Williams (Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow at Oxford University) and Dr Danny Penman discuss the recent scientific advances that have radically altered our understanding of depression and related disorders.

Also discussed is the latest treatments and therapies that are offering hope to those suffering from depression

Audio Resources

Please find a selection of useful audio resources on our Podcasts page. In most cases we have offered a selection of audio samples per resource. Clicking the tagline will take you directly to the original page of the audio provider. We hope that you find this collection of Podcasts helpful and beneficial.

Mindfulness Online

Center for Healthy Minds

Rick Hanson

Headspace | Be Kind to your Mind

Tara Brach

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