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The Mindfulness Clinic is committed to the promotion of wellbeing through the integration of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and the practice of Mindfulness. Our mission is to embody, guide and nurture mindful and compassionate living. We teach eight-week Mindfulness courses MBSR, MBCT and one-day workshops to individuals, mental health professionals, voluntary and community groups.

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A four-day residential retreat on Lambay Island, off the coast of north County Dublin, Ireland. Dates: Wednesday, 24 to Saturday 27 July 2024.

A unique and intimate experience, a place apart, a sanctuary for nature, stillness, and creativity. Nurturing the Healer Within: Awakening Presence Retreat guided by Gerry Cunningham, and will include workshops, guided practices, creativity, poetry, dharma and times for stories, silence and stillness. This retreat is for psychotherapists, mindfulness teachers and mental health professionals (30 hours CPD). Group size: 8-10. Explore the breathtaking landscapes and island wildlife, a truly authentic and immersive experience.

Explore the richness of mindfulness with practices and experiential exercises including:

  • Embodied Presence, Sitting Meditation, Body Scan, and Mindful Yoga
  • Engage in Walking Meditation and Sensory practices
  • Cultivate Gratitude, Karuna Compassion, and Metta Loving Kindness
  • Embrace Equanimity, Wise Mind, Heart Meditation, Mudita, and Sympathetic Joy, expanding awareness and compassion for yourself and others

Deepen your understanding and integration of mindfulness through participation on workshops including:

  • Mindfulness and Therapeutic Presence
  • Enhancing therapeutic skills and mindfulness through the integration of keys practices from ACT, DBT, MBCT, Polyvagal Theory, Compassion Focused Therapy and Internal Family Systems
  • Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness for Grounding and Safe Practice

  • Enhancing inquiry and guided discovery through deliberate practice

Lambay Island is an island in the Irish Sea off the coast of north County Dublin, Ireland. The largest island off the east coast of Ireland, it is four kilometres (2 mi) offshore from the headland at Portrane, and is the easternmost point of the province of Leinster. Of volcanic origin, it has been inhabited since the prehistoric period and has been the subject of multiple archaeological studies. Apart from the farming activity, Lambay is host to a wide variety of wildlife including fallow deer, wallabies, rabbits, and notably, Atlantic and common seals. The island is also one of the most important sea bird nesting colonies off the coast of Europe and has been designated a Special Protection Area. Cormorants, shags, guillemots, razorbills, puffins, kittiwakes and fulmars can be observed at close quarters with ease. The island offers good walking with impressive views of the harbour, low tide reveals a large sandy beach, rock pools and a swimming area.


During your stay on Lambay, the White House will be your home and your island haven.Built in 1933, this charming Lutyens guesthouse has eight beautifully appointed guest bedrooms with private ensuites or adjoining wet rooms, and ample living space expertly designed and executed by architect Sir Edwin Lutyens.

Cost: includes full board and vegetarian food, picnic, afternoon tea, and transport by boat to Lambay Island. The guidance and teaching is offered in the spirt of dana, there is no financial cost or fee for teaching, guidance or the coordination of this retreat. The teacher is paying for their own accommodation/board.

Single occupancy:

2 people per room: €590 euro each. 4 rooms available (2 people per room).

Initial booking deposit:
€200 per person. Early booking advisable. info@mindfulnessclinic.ie or T: 087-7989 301.

Full payment:
25 May 2024.

Boat times for departure:
Wednesday, 24 July, 1400hours
Saturday, 27 July, 1400hours*

*boat departures based on tide


Mindfulness Training, or Mindfulness Courses, may not be considered suitable at this time for those affected with acute depression, active or recent substance alcohol or drug addictions (recommendation two years full sobriety for Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention), PTSD, Bi-polar disorder, current or past psychosis, significant long standing interpersonal difficulties, recent trauma or significant recent or unresolved loss.

The Mindfulness Clinic recommends organising a one-to-one consultation to see if this training is suitable for you at this time.

Mindfulness is not the answer for all life’s problems. Rather it is that all life’s problems can be seen more clearly through the lens of a clear mind”. Jon Kabat-Zinn, pp. 25-26, 1991.

Acknowledgements for exclusion criteria: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR): Standards of Practice, edited by Saki F. Santorelli, Centre for Mindfulness University of Massachusetts, Director of Stress Reduction Program, February, 2014.